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Subject: [Leica] NOW..... Unacceptable camera LEICA S2.... :-)
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 19:04:14 -0500
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  Yep.  I love photography but have never been able to work up a real 
interest in the gear.  But, the stuff today is like science fiction to 
me.  I looked in the backpack for my 4x5 field outfit the other day, to 
be sure it was not being consumed by mold or something.  My Pentax 
spotmeter has a ring around the lens showing the zone settings.  Taped 
on the grip is a sheet showing the film speeds for TriX and TMY, 
depending on the N- or N+ exposure and the developer.  Getting those 
stats took no small effort.  I carried about 15 film holders, fewer with 
the 8x10 outfit.  That is a max of 30 images or fewer if you take two of 
each for safety.  So much for the old farts who walked uphill in the 
snow to school both ways.  Today, I have Canon dslr's that take a 
full-frame 35mm image with auto-focus and auto-exposure.  I can move 
those points to wherever in the image I want.  Forget the exposure meter 
- I just look at the RGB histogram on the back and dial in the exposure 
comp I want if (seldom) needed.  Zoom lenses and high ISO's no problem.  
Unless something goes really wrong I can fix it in post.  The technical 
challenge is gone, I can just concentrate on the image.  Nirvana.

(On top of everything else, Lugger Bob Baron came by for lunch to show 
me some great images on his iPad.  Beam me up.)

On 9/15/2010 4:10 PM, tedgrant at wrote:
> Hi Crew, :-)
> Given all the chatter about prints, cameras and stuff I thought I'd 
> throw this in to add to the confusion. :-) And it's only Wednesday? It 
> is isn't it? :-)
> Just had the thrill of a lifetime? ;-) Yep I can still have a twinge 
> of excitement when a new camera is placed in my hands. And this one is 
> a really big thrill! Yep I know right now some of you are going to 
> puke all over this because of what you've heard about the Leica S2, as 
> many did when the R8 was first announced! You know what?
> Hell I don't care if you throw your guts across the street simply 
> because... "if you haven't had this camera in hand, save yer breath!" 
> It's a beauty.... unfortunately none of us are likely to have one, so 
> get over it, let alone buy one!
> Cost? Bigtime OUCH as you all know. My understanding here in Victoria 
> or Vancouver the BODY ONLY will set you back about $35,000 or more 
> when taxes are added!
> Amazingly beautiful viewfinder, it looks BIG, actually even BIGGER 
> than BIG! :-) And with the 70mm lens on which is the standard size for 
> the sensor size. No I don't know what the sensor size is, didn't ask 
> and didn't care as I wont be buying one in any event. :-) Besides for 
> $35,000 it better be big! :-) But damn everything looks huge! 
> Brilliant viewfinder! :-)
> It doesn't feel heavier than an R8 with motor attached. Beautiful in 
> hand machine for ergonomics. Maybe I could find a fairy God Mother 
> some place given I always felt the R8 was the best in hand Leica SLR I 
> ever handled.? ;-)
> Best thing?  "AUTO FOCUS!" Love it, fast and silent!  Now Leica are in 
> the groove... just too damn bad with a lens it's over $40,000 with 
> taxes! :-( Just thinking about that kind of money for a camera can 
> give you nightmares.
> In any event I thought you might like to know it truly is one cool 
> camera if you're a Leica SLR kind of person! :-)
> Oh and all that gabble about print identification you folks are going 
> on about? plus itty bitty cameras etc. Please just go take pictures 
> and get over it! Because if you haven't learned by now the only thing 
> that matters first and foremost in a print is? THE CONTENT AND HOW 
> See now I've reminded you about that part, don't you all feel better 
> now? ;-) :-) :-) Have a nice picture taking day! :-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted :-)
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