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Subject: [Leica] Lincoln Center Fountain silhouettes at night
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2010 18:47:21 -0400

Thanks Peter yes people in the business laugh at the M8 but they also laugh
at the D200 I shot this with. Its considered to be a dinosaur. Not worth of
a serious photographer professional or otherwise. It was replaced by a D300
with I'd also not bother with if I had a choice.
When I show people the pic I leave what camera I shot it with out of the
I have boxes filled with photographs taken with cameras and lenes I'd not
use today. But the pix themselves don't know that. Nor the people looking at
them. The viability of the images you make with gear gone by stay the same.
They are there. Much of my work as I look at it year after year I like
better. Some I throw away.

Mark William Rabiner
mark at

> From: "Peter A. Klein" <pklein at>
> Reply-To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
> Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2010 12:45:29 -0700
> To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Lincoln Center Fountain silhouettes at night
> Leaving arguments about "crop circles," UFOs and alien abductions aside,
> it's a stunning, fine, fine photo.  Congrats, Mark.
> And you M9 owners, stop giving me sensor area envy!  :-)   I nearly went
> into hock to buy the M8.  Which was supposed to be the ultimate,
> perpetually upgradable digtal M, until it became an orphaned
> laughingstock two years after release. Can't afford the M9 without
> selling several lenses and a car, all of which I'd like to keep.  I
> think the stock agencies are in cahoots with the camera industry,
> requiring ever more expensive cameras just to get in the game, even
> though the results at normal publication sizes would barely show the
> differences.
> Some of the arguments about M8 vs. M9 vs. full-frame Nik/Can remind of
> the arguments about Speed Graphics vs. 35mm in the 1940s and 50s. "They"
> said you couldn't take a decent picture with a tiny Leica. You needed a
> Speed Graphic. Editors enforced this, unless you fooled them by not
> showing them the negatives. These days the editors have EXIF data, so
> fooling them is harder.
> Ah well.  When the M10 comes out and the M9 becomes an object of scorn
> and derision, then I'll dumpster-dive for an M9.  And take fantastic
> pictures that would have been the toast of the town last year.
> It's enough to make a guy want to go back to film.  Or buy a used D700.
> Or better yet, not buy into the digital sucker's game that makes only
> the very latest, most expensive "new thing" the only acceptable
> instrument for barely adequate photography.
> --Peter
>> Effective and off the "beaten track"  More often we see silhouettes
>> used for intimacy, this has activity with their ghosts dancing
>> in the background!
>> However, mentioning that the photo has purple haze, a violet hue,
>> would have been nice. My pupils are ultra-sensitive to purple, for
>> which I must take medication...I would have skipped it.  :)
>> Montie
>> I don't know how I got such tack sharp results shooting at 100th of a
>> second
>> with a 200mm focal length with a 1.5 crop circle factor camera at night.
>> But its the ultra compact 55-200 again. And so an effective at full frame
>> format 300mm @ 100th of a second!
>> To me the dioramas presented by people in this At Josie Robertson Plaza
>> Fountain; called The Revson Fountain every night are amazing. But I
>> usually
>> have a wide on my camera. And luckily this night a week or two ago I had a
>> long lens on.
>> The people in the shot when they see me taking pictures of them off off to
>> the side assume I'm getting their faces. They don't know I'm just getting
>> their outlines.  So its an unusual deal. I feel real brave because I don't
>> feel like I'm invading anyone's privacy. But THEY don't know that. Much of
>> what goes on at the fountain is people taking pictures of each other. But
>> with flash usually. Not at this moment though.
>> And here I am standing off with a long zoom speaking with a student with a
>> camera bag who had the same exact lens on her camera. Both the non VR
>> version...who needs virtual reality when we  have the real thing?
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