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Subject: [Leica] World of pain
From: afirkin at (afirkin at
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 06:37:53 -0400
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Hi Geoff,
The worst is over in some ways. The images are lost and the LR cat is
rebuilt with much improved folder access. I keep learning about this, and
it was sad to lose some images, but I did not lose too much: about 1000
images out of 65,000 or 1.5% and luckily none of our major photo trips.
I'm now scouring all my other back ups and finding previously stored files
etc. Its a good clean up and a much better organization for the future.

Still its been VERY STRESSFUL, and its not over yet ;-)

PS I think I need that week on Kangaroo Is.



> Alastair this sounds BAD. Probably very hard for anyone to offer useful
> advice except for the 'after the horse is bolted' type.
> Maybe the first step would be to STOP accessing all of the disks
> immediately
> and find another expert. Don't go for the brain slushie just yet.
> It sounds as though you are talking about all of your image files not just
> the catalog (a separate file)? A catalog can be replaced  but of course it
> is your images you care about.
> It sounds like you have multiple issues going on. When one disk is
> mirrored
> it reflects what is on the other by definition so if one disk is corrupted
> the other will be a copy of that. So you get hardware redundancy but it
> doesn't necessarily help.
> For your RAID, is it possible that the controller is the problem? Just
> possible that the data is there or part of it. Maybe worthwhile talking to
> the WD support folks. Worth a try certainly. I've had responses and fixes
> from them on backup software on a WD book previously.
>  I guess AFTER you resolve just where you are right now with what you have
> is the time to think about back up strategies.
> Good luck!
> Cheers
> Geoff
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