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Subject: [Leica] World of pain
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 07:36:27 +1000
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Alastair this sounds BAD. Probably very hard for anyone to offer useful
advice except for the 'after the horse is bolted' type.

Maybe the first step would be to STOP accessing all of the disks immediately
and find another expert. Don't go for the brain slushie just yet.
It sounds as though you are talking about all of your image files not just
the catalog (a separate file)? A catalog can be replaced  but of course it
is your images you care about.
It sounds like you have multiple issues going on. When one disk is mirrored
it reflects what is on the other by definition so if one disk is corrupted
the other will be a copy of that. So you get hardware redundancy but it
doesn't necessarily help.

For your RAID, is it possible that the controller is the problem? Just
possible that the data is there or part of it. Maybe worthwhile talking to
the WD support folks. Worth a try certainly. I've had responses and fixes
from them on backup software on a WD book previously.
 I guess AFTER you resolve just where you are right now with what you have
is the time to think about back up strategies.
Good luck!


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