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Subject: [Leica] flower man corner pan
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 16:23:24 -0400

What's interesting to me about these pan or merge shots is how you're
focusing at various parts of the image wide open and splicing them together
and matching them up and in a single exposure of course you'd only get a
single slice in focus. But with a merge or pan you get it all.  Or several.
And you've optimized each segment for density and contrast as well. Color
Another night flower shot this one and recent and with a guy in it. Its
dangerous splicing people together and merging them as things can go
horribly wrong.  Like when you're beaming sombody up and you blow a fuse.
... But this guy I don't think moved much; except breath. So his DNA stayed
intact from all I can tell.

This contains 5 segments.  Each one shot wide open at f4. But the shutter
varied between a 40th of a second and an 80th.
The lens was a 55mm to 200mm cheap compact non VR nikon zoom.
All shot at 55mm.
When if first saw the metadata I though I'd shot it with the 55 macro. Which
is a 3.5.
But now slow zooms are ok in pitch darkness in this digital day and age.
At auto ISO 1600 and be there. Just a few blocks from my apartment in the
upper west side of NY.

A blue man photo.

Mark William Rabiner

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