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Subject: [Leica] Macro
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 07:13:00 +0100
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None of the Leica lenses get close enough to do macro on a M without 
visoflex. Even the 90mm f4 "macro" which I have and love, is quite a long 
way from being macro in the normal use of the word.
Know what you mean about MF macro. I have tried with a Rolleiflex SL66, I 
did not persist long but never got a single image I was delighted by, I am 
probably not patient enough.
I have been pleased with macro pictures from P&S cameras, because of the 
extra depth of field. I have not printed bigger than A4 though.
Frank D.

On 15 Jul, 2010, at 07:00, Mark Rabiner wrote:

>> I would endorse this. I love my 90mm f4 macro. I bought it used, with 
>> adapter
>> but not the little angle finder. It is a superb lens for general use too, 
>> as
>> long as the light is good, and weighs very little. Mine is always in my 
>> bag.
>> OTOH smaller sensors have so much more depth of field that you can get 
>> macro
>> pictures which would be all but impossible with the bigger format. With 
>> flash
>> at low iso can be results are excellent too.
>> Frank D.
>> On 15 Jul, 2010, at 00:28, Geoff Hopkinson wrote:
> Macro can be so unexpectedly difficult that a bit smaller sensor can help.
> Anyone who's tried to do medium format macro knows it takes some real 
> effort
> and in the old days lots of testing.
> High speed flash helps. Many find it virtually a necessity. People who'd 
> not
> dream of using flash otherwise.
> Large format macro, 4x5 if you can do it you win a prize.
> To me the most ideal format for macro might really be half frame. In the 
> old
> days 18x24. But now its called cropped 1.5 or 1.6 format.
> In other words an M8.
> I bet with even a 50 Summicron you can do real well doing macro with an M8.
> The best part is the instant gratification.
> You don't stop shooting till you know you've really gotten the shot.
> [Rabs]
> Mark William Rabiner
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