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Subject: [Leica] good small flash for M9
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 13:31:59 -0400

> George Lottermoser wrote:
>> Bouncing off of walls as well as ceilings;
>> can offer some direction as well
>> (be careful if the wall has significant color).
> Very handy indoors.  Hard to do with an unpredictable subject outdoors:
> BTW - this photo if enlarged much shows subject motion from ambient light @
> 1/250 sec.  Flash got me the shutter speed & color temperature but because 
> I
> didn't want a black background I didn't overpower the ambient light.
> Doug Herr
> Birdman of Sacramento
Its refreshing to see this level of clarity.
1/20,000th of a second and be there!! I've always loved it.
Coincidently while image search engining bird and wildlife photography just
a few nights ago my first up on my non calibrated screen was a guy who used
flash with his long glass on a regular basis.  Shooting cute little critters
way off in the horizon. I soon saw there were a high profile handful of
"guys" who did this as a matter-of-course And people are of course excited
about a zoomer thing which focuses your flash way off 50 feet away or more.
We all love such gadgets. 80 bucks I think.
Its a mixed bag its much easier with today's flashes to get a nice balanced
effect; Phil Flash he used to go by. But it can make things look a tad
Hollywood flattening out shadows in a way we know "just ain't right".
Sometimes you only really know by the key light in the critter or persons
eye. It would be tempting to take that out. The tiny white dot.  I know I
used to do with with Spotone in my darkroom prints as there were years when
I had a flash Vivitar or Nikon or Norman on my camera as a matter-of-course
. Of course .

The New Digital M's do not have cloth shutters.
The sync speed is several times higher.
Though digital in genearl makes for much higher ISO's.
I don't think putting a flash on one means a lack of taste or propriety.

They are out there now with the s cameras.
The ones which go to triple digital iso.
This is going to change the way a lot of photography is done.
Press and wildlife.
Baby pictures too I bet.

f iso 100,000 and be there!

Mark William Rabiner

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