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Subject: [Leica] M7/MP only 5% of US Leica Sales...
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 04:33:19 -0400

> I am with you on this, Henning, Frank and the others who still think that
> the M9 is a bit over the top. At the same time I understand the economist
> logic  of Vince. The secondary market for the M9 is still very very very
> small because there aren't just enough M9s on the market - or because 
> people
> are not replacing their M9s yet because there is no M10.
> Although I have been contemplating switching to an M9 because of the full
> sensor, I have more often find myself convinced that I'd better get a
> differnet kind of a body with a full-sensor (e.g. a Canon EOS 5D mark II)
> for half the price - with a good lens at that and have two different 
> systems
> for the different uses I can make of it. And still enjoy the plethora of
> greatness in the M8.
> KM

There's  context also not being mentioned of how the M9 looks pricewise and
other wise.

1. Does the person already have perhaps a complete full frame Canon system.
    and if one does than the pressure is sure off isn't it to not bother
with 7 grand to get your Leica glass going.
Do we really need two different full frame systems for ones digital

2. Your Leica glass. Do you have a lot of it? Is it stuff you really want to
get going and stuff which feels a shame to use with a 1.33 crop circle
If I had just spent the money for a 24 or 21 1.4  I'd be getting a Leica M9.
That's a no brainer. There's no question about that.
$ 6,495.00 B&H for a Leica 21mm f/1.4 Summilux-M Aspherical Manual Focus
Lens  and I'm worrying about the cost of an M9?  Not where the smart money
is going.

As it goes I don't have those but I have some really nice Leica glass that I
loved having the edge over my Nikon Canon friends with in the film shooting
90's and would love to again now.

3. what would you shoot with a rangefinder digital camera?
What is your work? What does  you stuff look like. Your photographs?
If you don't know or care its a little fuzzy in your head what you feel like
photographing today and you don't care than if you can blow seven grand at a
camera for happy snaps good for you!
Seven grand is too much for plenty of people for a casual purchase but if
its a critical purchase than it well within reason.
If you have a body of work you'd wish to continue and DSLR's are not cutting
it for you  which was the reason why you got into film Leica M"s in the
first place and you'd love to go back  THEN you sell your Chevy Nova. Buy a
M9 and a bus pass.

Mark William Rabiner

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