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Subject: [Leica] M9 DNGs and Adobe
From: ekowaleski at (Ed Kowaleski)
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 09:41:28 -0500
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I've had the same problem as Geoff.  I had a case file with Adobe on it and
did some installing and reinstalling of CS4, Bridge, Camera RAW, and
Lightroom but the problem still occurs.  One of Adobe's suggestion was to
use Camera RAW 5.0 and not use 5.6.  The problem appears entirely random and
only a small percentage of files are affected. In my case the bug only
occurs when I opened some (not all) M9 DNG files in Camera RAW and then
tried to go to Photosbhop CS4.  The Photoshop screen went pale and a message
appeared reading "Photoshop has encountered a problem and must shut down."
It then shut down quite quickly.

For awhile I got around the problem by opening files in Lightroom,
converting them to TIFF and then processing them in Camera RAW and CS4.
It's a lousy workflow plan so I'm encouraged to hear that someone else has
had the same problem with the M9-CS4-Lightroom because it means that I am
not a bungling idiot and Adobe is going to have to come up with a fix.

Ed K

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Subject: [Leica] M9 DNGs and Adobe

For anyone interested:
M9 users found that some DNG files caused crashes in Photoshop CS4 and
Lightroom 2.6 (a particular RGB number combination). Adobe found a bug
introduced when late changes were made to the Raw processing engine to
improve rendition of M9 files. The current fix for LR2.6 users is to
download and use LR2.6.1. The only change is the elimination of that bug and
it is only relevant for M9 users. The problem does not occur with the LR3
beta (which also has significantly better rendition, noise reduction and
sharpening powers).

I have recently done a complete new clean install on a new sytem (64 bit,
Yeah!)  and am only just catching up. I have found that the bug exists in
Adobe Camera Raw 5.6 as well, however there is no ACR5.6.1 available
currently. Adobe has acknowledged the issue with both LR and ACR and reports
that a fix will be available shortly. In the meantime I need to stay out of
Adobe Camera Raw with M9 files and as a minor issue, trying to edit a DNG in
Photoshop (from LR) reports the mismatch in versions as well, once you
install the LR2.6.1 although the cure is not yet here. I don't have the
LR2.6RC (release candidate) any longer. It did not exhibit the crashing
behaviour but I don't know if version matching was an issue there.

Personally I am looking forward to the release of LR3 and I hope a cheap
upgrade. Mant M9 owners tht already own LR are waiting to find out if they
will be able to use their entitlement to download LR to receive LR3. We
shall see.
Incidentally, the X1 already has a standard profile (usable in both
applications of course) although the S2 does not. Neither X1 DNG files  nor
those from the S2 provoke the bug.


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