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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Happy New Year from Kabul, Afghanistan
From: simon.apekop at (simon jessurun)
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 09:30:53 +0100
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Hmmm still doing my utmost to get yyou the promised lagavullin.Going to
Afghanistan next week but only to Mazar l Shariff.Will get you the bottles
somtime I'm sure.
Best wishes,simon

On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 4:39 AM, Hugh Thompson <hewthompson op> wrote:

> Ted - thank you for your good wishes.
> As everywhere there are many different people in this country.  The people
> who murdered the reporter and those wonderful young Canadian men, are not
> the everyday Afghans.  I am not here to argue political points, I am here 
> to
> help rebuild Afghanistan, so is Wendy Thurman.  In my conversations with
> Afghan business people here, they know the country must move forward to 
> have
> any chance of healing the rifts in this very tribal society.  These people
> are based very much in the 21st Century, but others cannot or will not
> change willingly.  I was talking with a very well read gentleman last
> evening, at a social gathering, he says it will take many more years and
> education, education, education to make change.  I have an opportunity to 
> do
> something about that, we are bidding on a hospital, and school, along with 
> a
> major hydro project.
> At 66, I want to put something back, hopefully my experience will help
> these people, and, you know Ted, that in another time and decade, you would
> have been here, in the thick of it, doing what you do best, photographing
> what you see, and telling the story to the world.
> All the best to you, your lovely wife, and the rest of the LUG family for a
> better 2010
> Sincerely,
> Hugh
> On 1-Jan-10, at 7:15 AM, tedgrant op wrote:
>  My 2010 Happy New Year message is you safely survive that hell hole of a
>> country!
>> In any event Hugh I wish you every hoped for prayer and safety for 2010.
>> Bottom line? I'd get my ass out of that place as fast as I could and screw
>> them!
>> HAPPY NEW YEAR AND SAFETY ALL THE WAY! My wife and I will say prayers for
>> your safety!
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