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Subject: [Leica] Odd digital M flash behavior
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 10:23:39 +1000
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Dante, I looked at this a while back and ended up just using the old
fashioned 'dumb' auto flash exposure mode with only synch from the camera
(and manually set speed). I think you need the M5 variant of the SCA 3502
module. Not sure which you have? btw I found the Nikon SC-17 off camera lead
transferred all functions properly (as did one of the rarer Contax leads).
>From LFI:
You need the flash operation set to "M" not "TTL". The "GNC" daylight. The
"GN" switch behind the flap on the SCA base is irrelevant as is the GN-LED
The whole GNC concept seems awkward to me, but then I've done VERY little
with it. My dealer just loaned me two studio flashes and soft boxes etc to
play with for a week or so. Pray for me.

2009/12/27 Dante Stella <dstella1 at>

> Ok... this is a weird one.  Shooting Christmas pictures with an M8 and a
> Metz 54MZ-3 (current Leica M-TTL ("GNC" ) module), there was some deviant
> behavior.
> Usually, when a preflash gets skipped with M-TTL, you get a full-power
> flash as the preflash and then no main flash - which leads to a dark frame.
>  This is normally the result of hitting the shutter button before the 1/2
> second lag in which the flash and the camera open serial communication.
>  This seems to be an M-TTL issue, and it doesn't seem to matter what flash
> you use (SF-20 or Metz).
> What I got last night, repeatedly, was a full-power preflash followed by a
> "normal" preflash.  And this was always on the first shot after the camera
> was turned on, even if you gave it a second to recognize the flash.
> Anyone else experience this?  It didn't look like low batteries in the
> flash or the camera.  My wife (being ever so practical) thinks this can be
> solved by "buy[ing] a Nikon [D700]."  But I am not one to let
> troubleshooting go so easily.
> Thanks
> Dante
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