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Subject: [Leica] R 250 Telyt for my Nikon D700?
From: wayneserrano at (Wayne Serrano)
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 18:11:54 -0500 (EST)

Hello Alastair,

Was reading what you wrote about the D700 and R lenses... Yesterday I looked 
at the D700 and a 5D MKII as FF Digital bodies to use with my 28, 60, 90, 
100, and 180 lenses.  Hoping you've already gone thru this analysis and can 
offer some suggestions.  My 28, 100, and 180 are current ROM lenses with the 
60 and 90 being older non-ROM.  Your thoughts and input would be greatly 

Kindest regards,


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>Subject: Re: [Leica] R 250 Telyt for my Nikon D700?
>> Hi Luggers,
>> My Leica camera equipment for travel is beginning to divide into the
>> M8 plus wide angle lenses (down to the 18mm Elmar) and at the
>> telephoto end I am increasing my R inventory. I have the Canadian 90
>> Summicron and the 180 Apo Telyt f3.4 (both famous Mandler designs)
>> already re-bayoneted for use on my D700. I have just acquired from Dr.
>> Yao a complete and pristine 400 f6.8 Telyt (as recommended by Doug
>> Herr - thank you Doug) and am in the process of getting the bayonet
>> changed on that lens. This has been complicated by the fact (which I
>> have transmitted to David Lladro at Leitax) that later 400 Telyts have
>> different cams that the single cam for which the Leitax bayonet has
>> been designed. Still I am getting it done.
>> My question is this. I have the opportunity to pick up a 250 f4.o
>> Telyt to augment the telephoto set above and I am wondering if I
>> should. I am getting all this telephoto fire power to take wild life
>> pictures in  Bali and Australia.
>> What do you all think? TIA
>> Howard (in Hong Kong)
>I suspect it depends on how strong you are ;-) I decided to take a 180 and
>2x to Kakadu. I left the 280 at home and "in general" I did not regret it.
>360 mm on the DMR is usually "long" enough for Aussie wild life and Bali
>is usually pretty "closed" in. With the 180 and 400 I would think you have
>it covered.
>Hope I can catch you in 2010
>Leica Users Group.
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