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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Cat-Shaped Christmas Tree Ornament
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 17:23:38 -0800
References: <> <3DD5955AC3CC4E72820E3690DECADC9C@jimnichols>

I bet anyone who has ever had a cat and put up a Christmas tree will have a 
story about  " CAT & TREE!"  :-)

Most will be humorous as you read them. But I can attest that it's just 
lucky in our case we loved our cats. Because I had just finished decorating 
a beautiful live tree with root ball so we could plant it on New Year's Day 
in the yard back of the house..

"MILLER" was his name, a wonderful Tabby, he was mine as he'd come sit on my 
chair in the darkroom while I was printing. Worse thing? He'd decide to move 
about in the dark room with just the safe lights on. One might say he got a 
boot or two in the dark as I'd not see him until I heard the yowl. :-)

Anyway tree is finished, lights flashing, glistening stuff glistening, me 
thinking "Hey neat job this year, looks cool!" :-)

And I leave the room to put things away when I hear this crash and a cat 
yowling! I rush into the living room and yep there was the tree lying across 
the floor and guess who was yowling? MILLER and just howling his head off as 
he was trapped inside the tree and couldn't get out.
Obviously I managed to get the tree moved and he was free and gone in a 
flash to some other part of the house....  never to be seen anywhere near 
the tree again during the Christmas holidays.

Did I take a picture? No I think I'd have used the camera on him, but not 
for taking any pictures. :-) Naw I was mad but not that mad.

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