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Subject: [Leica] Lightroom or CS4 Bridge?
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 23:21:30 -0500

> I have Lightroom,  Aperture, and Photoshop/Bridge. Of these I find
> myself working within Photoshop/Bridge much more often than the other
> two. Aperture has dropped off the playing field even though its human
> interface blows Lightroom away. I utterly despise Lightroom's modal
> nature. It's like they didn't learn ANYTHING over the past decade.
> But, it's Adobe and the number of horrid GUI sins they have committed
> are so numerous as to frighten small children. Aperture got that part
> right, and they did a great job of keywording. But the reality is that
> I I seldom keyword. I'm not like Tina who can sit at the computer and
> spend lots of time labeling. It's almost foreign to my head. I
> understand Photoshop and finally can be quite productive in it so I
> don't feel the need to slide into a cousin program whose metaphors are
> cousins to Photoshop. It's like going from the USA to Australia for me
> - wrong side of the road, things work different, the language SEEMS
> the same underneath there are very real differences. But, ultimately,
> it's the utterly lame modal nature of Lightroom that drives me away.
> At least this is better than arguing about Macs and PC's! Or iPhones
> and Droids! Oh, wait, we haven't done that yet have we? (running for
> it now.....)
> Adam

A very popular program with I think a not small market share.
Which means a lot of people use it.
Almost never mentioned here even it passing.
This is Lightroom land.
I think its an anomaly.

Mark William Rabiner

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