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Subject: [Leica] M9 Worth the Hype?
From: bryanwi at (Bryan Willman)
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 18:22:00 -0800

All True - and of course, my first full frame Canon 1Ds was $8K in 2002
dollars.  Somehow when a Cannon or Nikon costs a fortune, it's OK?

Given the way the market is advancing and maturing (electronics, etc.) I
think we can have some hope that eventually M RF prices will come down.
That is, the M10 might be $5500 (in 2009 dollars).  Then again maybe
not.   I'll cross that bridge when it pops up on the road in front of

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Subject: Re: [Leica] M9 Worth the Hype?

Subject: [Leica] M9 Worth the Hype?

Read the review below and see! But read here first!

Tina as much as myself and other M9 owners don't need to read the review
text because we are users!:-) We know and feel this picture taking
machine for what it's worth.
As much as I've bitched about the LEICA organization over the past
several years I have never flinched from the use of nor quality of the
gear. It's still world class and most likely will always be so!

Yep the DMR wasn't any wizard of the digital world due to any number of
glitch things. However when it was working the images were astounding!

The M8???????????? Oh my goodness it's birth was like a miscarriage of
the evil empire for some!  But then there were others who just moved
right along with it and shot nice magical picture. But unfortunately it
became a failure. One can't even get them repaired or serviced.

Now we have the attached M9 review? Heck I don't have to read it as I
already know the M9 is a smashing success!

Sure there are some folks who find the cost astronomical, rightly so! It
does cost a bundle! Well so does the Mercedes top end machine. But
people don't complain because of the price, they buy a Chev instead. ;-)
And that's the way it should be with the M9! If you can't afford to buy
one, don't blame the camera! Get over it, move on and when you can
afford an M9 look at the amazingly beautiful image recording machine
you'll have! One of the "real photographer" picture taking machines of
the world!  And as it goes, the M9 is / will be one of the most
outstanding digital cameras as it was with film in the world!

> LUG:
> A new review of the M9.
> The conclusion:
> "The M9, a the culmination of a lot of back and forth on Leica and 
> Kodak's part and a lot of critiques from users, delivers 
> mind-bogglingly good electronics in a slender body with uncommonly 
> fine lenses, and an interface that deftly melds the classic 
> rangefinder design with the digital platform. The camera synthesizes 
> the virtues of a classic film camera with the best assets of the 
> digital world, delivering a new kind of hybrid that turns the entire 
> paradigm of digital photography back around to a more manual one. It 
> will be a long time before the M9 is trumped for power, portability 
> and image quality.
> That said, this camera is not for most. Only those with deep pockets 
> and a serious love of photography need apply."
> Sounds pretty good to me ;-)
> Tina 

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