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Subject: [Leica] POST - OP REPORT. :-)
From: topoxforddoc at (Charlie Chan)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 09:05:19 +0000
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Great to hear that all went well. Having one's cataract done does  
transform people's lives. Very difficult for you though if you only  
have on good eye.

Charlie Chan
Cheltenham, UK

topoxforddoc at

On 22 Nov 2009, at 17:30, <tedgrant at> <tedgrant at> wrote:

> Post-op report:
> First let me say thank you to those who've sent well wishes and  
> offered most heart warmimg concerns. :-)
> I realize there are any number of folks out there who've undergone  
> cataract removal and lens replacment or other eye surgeries, so mine  
> isn't any different, accept for one thing. I have only one eye, the  
> left and up to this point it has served me rather well. The right  
> eye? Well it basically goes along for a free ride with a very weak  
> sight limit considered legally blind.
> So you can understand the extra stress for me if anything went  
> wrong? Yes it was pointed out to me some times basically "shit  
> happens!" :-( Like maybe 1 in 10,000 or more times some little thing  
> happens that shouldn't and if it did I would be blind! Bad scene for  
> a photographer. :-( So I said a prayer to the "Great Spirit" and  
> away we went.
> Those who've experienced the eye operation scene will know what I'm  
> talking about the brilliant lights and colours during the operation.  
> My gosh if I could capture those colours on film or digital I could  
> become the worlds greatest exotic fine art photographer! ;-) Trust  
> me, unless you've seen these effects there isn't anything that comes  
> anywhere near the beauty and brilliance of the images. Once a  
> photographer----yer always a photographer no matter where you  
> are! :-)  ;-)
> The actual operation was a painless no big deal, other than  
> brilliant lighting effects. It's suggested one should go to the  
> toilet before and empty your bladder. I did that. However????? :-)  
> Yeah you know ... I hear the surgeon say, "OK Ted just relax and  
> we'll get on with this and it'll be over shortly!"
> Right there and then I promptly "pee" myself! :-) What the hell I  
> had no control and away I went! :-) It did seem strange and I told  
> the doctor, "OK, I'm relaxed and just pee'd myself."  He responded  
> with... " I didn't mean for you to relax that much!" At which I  
> could hear nurses and doctor chuckling! Oh well it was all part of  
> the experience! ;-) Later I was told "Don't feel bad as you're not  
> alone, it's happened to others!"
> Later, lighting everywhere was brilliant, white were icedble whites.  
> Not a hope to look at the computer screen it was a blinding power  
> light that I tried wearing dark sun glasses to no avail. So today is  
> really the most comfortable. So here's the report.
> I've looked through the view finders of a couple of Canon SLR's and  
> every thing seems fine and brighter. The M8 viewfinder is much  
> clearer and the focus patch more distinct. Does this mean my  
> pictures will be better? Not likely but at least they should be  
> sharper! ;-)
> So lads and lasses it's nice to have this over with and a fine eye  
> improvement!
> A photojournalist friend of mine Quinton Gordon turned his M9 on the  
> scene and shot me being patient, not that I could see anything he  
> was shooting, however later.
> Thanks again everyone as it's an all's well, that end's well  
> story! :-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted
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