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Subject: [Leica] POST - OP REPORT. :-)
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll Querol)
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 18:52:13 +0100
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Hi Ted!

I'm sorry I've missed or maybe wrongly deleted your e-mail and I've  
been informed just now...

Congratulations for this happy report, this will be wonderful to see  
perfectly and you'll can focuses still more accurate on your subjects.  
I have also a small cataract, the Dr. has said me that it's better  
wait one or twoo years for a surgery, and I want too be able to focus  
in good conditions.

Welcome back Dr. and l'ami Ted!

El 22/11/2009, a las 18:30, <tedgrant at> escribi?:

> Post-op report:
> First let me say thank you to those who've sent well wishes and  
> offered most heart warmimg concerns. :-)
> I realize there are any number of folks out there who've undergone  
> cataract removal and lens replacment or other eye surgeries, so mine  
> isn't any different, accept for one thing. I have only one eye, the  
> left and up to this point it has served me rather well. The right  
> eye? Well it basically goes along for a free ride with a very weak  
> sight limit considered legally blind.
> So you can understand the extra stress for me if anything went  
> wrong? Yes it was pointed out to me some times basically "shit  
> happens!" :-( Like maybe 1 in 10,000 or more times some little thing  
> happens that shouldn't and if it did I would be blind! Bad scene for  
> a photographer. :-( So I said a prayer to the "Great Spirit" and  
> away we went.
> Those who've experienced the eye operation scene will know what I'm  
> talking about the brilliant lights and colours during the operation.  
> My gosh if I could capture those colours on film or digital I could  
> become the worlds greatest exotic fine art photographer! ;-) Trust  
> me, unless you've seen these effects there isn't anything that comes  
> anywhere near the beauty and brilliance of the images. Once a  
> photographer----yer always a photographer no matter where you  
> are! :-)  ;-)
> The actual operation was a painless no big deal, other than  
> brilliant lighting effects. It's suggested one should go to the  
> toilet before and empty your bladder. I did that. However????? :-)  
> Yeah you know ... I hear the surgeon say, "OK Ted just relax and  
> we'll get on with this and it'll be over shortly!"
> Right there and then I promptly "pee" myself! :-) What the hell I  
> had no control and away I went! :-) It did seem strange and I told  
> the doctor, "OK, I'm relaxed and just pee'd myself."  He responded  
> with... " I didn't mean for you to relax that much!" At which I  
> could hear nurses and doctor chuckling! Oh well it was all part of  
> the experience! ;-) Later I was told "Don't feel bad as you're not  
> alone, it's happened to others!"
> Later, lighting everywhere was brilliant, white were icedble whites.  
> Not a hope to look at the computer screen it was a blinding power  
> light that I tried wearing dark sun glasses to no avail. So today is  
> really the most comfortable. So here's the report.
> I've looked through the view finders of a couple of Canon SLR's and  
> every thing seems fine and brighter. The M8 viewfinder is much  
> clearer and the focus patch more distinct. Does this mean my  
> pictures will be better? Not likely but at least they should be  
> sharper! ;-)
> So lads and lasses it's nice to have this over with and a fine eye  
> improvement!
> A photojournalist friend of mine Quinton Gordon turned his M9 on the  
> scene and shot me being patient, not that I could see anything he  
> was shooting, however later.
> Thanks again everyone as it's an all's well, that end's well  
> story! :-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted
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