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Subject: [Leica] Lou Reed, Now Salgado
From: csemetko at (Craig Semetko)
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 11:31:14 -0800
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Thanks, Ken--much appreciated! I'll look into the ronreeder website.  
I've tried alien skin, it was okay, but i wasn't overwhelmed. of  
course it's possible i wasn't using it to its fullest capabilities.  
maybe it's time for a revisit...

thanks again, and cheers,


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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Lou Reed, Now Salgado...
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> Craig,
> You might look into  He has co-authored a  
> book
> about using the QTR rip to print inkjet digital negatives.  Before  
> going
> completely over to the dark side, I used similar techniques to make  
> digital
> negs for pt/pd contact printing.  I had some small success there,  
> mainly
> because these papers hide a lot of imperfections.  I was never able  
> to make
> a silver contact print that was acceptable, but things have no doubt
> changed.  So far as I know, these are all contact printing  
> solutions.  I use
> Alien Skin Exposure 2 to simulate b&w.
> Ken
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>> Subject: [Leica] Lou Reed, Now Salgado...
>> Thanks so much for this Kevin--very helpful. I, too, have experienced
>> the totally irrational and "perversely capricious" security  
>> personnel,
>> and they're a real pain. I think half the time they say no just
>> because they can.
>> I've been toying with the idea of creating negs from digital files  
>> and
>> printing them and this will put me over the top. It sounds really
>> intriguing, and I'm encouraged to read the prints are virtually
>> indistinguishable from film neg prints. While I was in Germany I met
>> another photographer on assignment for an NGO and he recommended
>> "Silver Effects Pro" for adding grain and making digital files look
>> like Tri-X, or any number of other films. I've been too busy to
>> download it and try it out but I'll give it a try soon. If anyone has
>> had success with Silver Effects or any other film replicating
>> software, I'd love to hear about it.