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Subject: [Leica] Old lenses and M8
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 11:30:43 +0100
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Me too, but, unlike Mark, for me a 35mm is wide angle and the 59 and  
75 on the M8 give very suitable fields of view for me. The M8 has few  
drawbacks in this regard as I have the lenses and IR filters now. I  
did get a WATE which I use in town on holiday with the M8. I will be  
interested to see how I get on with it when (if!) I ever get a M9.

It rather reminds me of being in my local dealers when one of his  
customers returned the freshly released and hard-to-get-hold-of Canon  
5D. He found the quality not as good as he was used to with his APS  
sensor camera (cheaper lenses certainly were shown up as such) and  
found the field of view less to his liking. I was a bit surprised to  
find the sales assistant in the dealer completely agreeing. The  
customer happily went back to a newer APS sensor body and the smaller  
lenses suitable for it.

On 18 Oct, 2009, at 06:59, grduprey at wrote:

> As I said before Mark, I don't buy my cameras by how many pro's are  
> using them.  I will still be using my M8 for quite some time and it  
> will still be making terrific images.  Do I want a M9, Yes, but I  
> will keep my M8 even then, and still use it.
> Gene  -------------- Original message from Mark Rabiner <mark at 
> >: --------------
>>> At 3:57 PM -0400 10/17/09, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>>>> Do I sense a ground swell of feeling that the M*s should be  
>>>>> cherished
>>>>> because they make old lenses perform better by eliminating the  
>>>>> poorer
>>>>> rendition in the corners? Seems like the inverse of the opinion  
>>>>> that
>>>>> film M Leicas were to be desired over the M8 because Leica  
>>>>> lenses were
>>>>> designed for the corners rather than the central area. I'm  
>>>>> confused. I
>>>>> have a lot of old Leica lenses. Do I buy a used M8 or save my  
>>>>> pennies
>>>>> for an M9?
>>>>> Larry Z
>>>> Nobody cares about the corners. Get an M9. You're going to see  
>>>> M8's selling
>>>> for very little money after a year or less. There is a reason.  
>>>> They are not
>>>> made any more. There is a reason.
>>>> Mark William Rabiner
>>> But they work well and take great pictures, and they cost a whole  
>>> lot
>>> less, and will depreciate a lot less.
>>>    ...and they take great pictures.
>>> does the M9, for more money.
>> Despite costing 7 grand instead of half that in a  year we're going  
>> to see
>> all kinds of top people working with the M9 ten times more then we  
>> ever saw
>> with an M8.
>> Mark My Words!
>> The M8 is devaluing Markedly every day  as we speak.
>> It was a first out. A noble experiment.
>> It kept the price of Leica glass up. Stopped a lot of Leica glass  
>> from
>> developing mold. And many just fine shots were made with them.
>> Dump it as soon as you can is the obvious smart advice. Turn it over.
>> The M9 will be around for a decade. And remain viable for two.
>> Perhaps remaining viable for the period of time previous M's have.
>> Many decades.
>> Possibly wait a year for the lower rez higher ISO version. It may  
>> even cost
>> less.
>> Mark William Rabiner
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