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Subject: [Leica] Easy decisions for M9 or not
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 03:29:12 -0400

> The decision between (keeping) an M8 vs. an M9 is actually quite
> simple. It comes down to
> - Money factor: can you get an M9 even if you eat nothing but Ramen
> noodles for a year?
> - Comfort factor: are you comfortable "wearing" a $7K camera + $XK
> lens on your neck?
> - Heart factor: do you want an M9 or is it a "rational" decision?
> - Head factor: if you are going to be rational about it, then
> == Do you need 18 Megapixel?
> == Do you need one stop better ISO?
> == Do you shoot wide a lot?
> See how easy it is?

Also how much to we have invested in Leica glass which wants to be working
and not in a baggie collecting mold?

And how much do 5 pound bags of brown rice coast those noodles in the Ramen
stuff sticks to you like glue! I'm going to combine rice eating with stir
fry experience. I think I'll spend rock bottom on food bills and run faster
and jump higher.

Mark William Rabiner

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