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Subject: [Leica] Help!
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 23:42:02 +0200
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Which is exactly what I usually do - because, as you well know,  Canon 
DSLRs just don't meter correctly on automatic with other brand lenses.

However, as I didn't happen to have a grey card with me, and my Lunasix 
III with its diffusor head was back at the cottage, the palm method 
worked just fine for shooting sequences of very fast moving, small, dark 
red planes suddenly appearing against a bright sky over 180? of horizon 
(with a Canon 20D and 2 kilos of Zeiss 4/300 Tele-Tessar).

Having been brought up on totally manual cameras - my first ever SLR was 
a second-hand Contaflex some time in the late sixties, a Yashica in the 
mid-eighties was my first camera with TTL metering  - stuff like 
landscapes or streets I can still usually get by with "guesstimating" if 
need be.

BTW: Big black locomotives are pretty hard to shoot against bright 
backgrounds with any kind of metering - way too many shades of black and 


Mark Rabiner wrote:
> But just going out with a digital camera set on manual would help more.
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