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Subject: [Leica] Leica prices
From: joseph at (Joseph Yao)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 13:40:37 +0800


I assume you are in the US, as most LUG members are.  I am in Asia and this
is my relatively more global view:

Leica prices have NOT gone up that much over the years.  I have kept records
of factory price lists that date back to the '50s, formerly in Deutsche
Mark, and now Euro.  They are mostly in line with inflation.

The problem perceived by you, and your fellow countrymen, is due to the
significant depreciation of your currency, the US Dollar.  Six or seven
years ago one US Dollar could buy 1.20 Euro, now only 0.67 Euro.  Thus by
default, Leica prices would have doubled for you over the same period.

In addition, the US market has become less significant for Leica over the
past few years, as several 'developing' countries have become more affluent
with increasing demand for Leica products.  Leica can charge more in those

Another example: due to the weak US Dollar, Ferrari have reduced quota for
the US market and increased the allocation for China, where the growth for
Ferrari cars has been 25-30% year on year.

And to be fair, the three new lenses, namely, the Summilux 21/1.4 ASPH,
Summilux 24/1.4 ASPH, and Noctilux 50/0.95 ASPH are very advanced and
superior designs that cost a lot to develop and manufacture.  Low supply and
high demand also keep prices high.


On 9/17/09 8:10 PM, "Douglas Nygren" <dnygr at> wrote:

> While some feel that Leica's asking price for the M9 is something they
> are willing to pay in order to get the finest results in their work, I
> am not able to say that.
> It's not just the M9's price that I'm reacting to. It's the overall
> jump. The new Noctilux and the 1.4 21mm and 24mm cost an arm and a leg.
> Are we witnessing Leica as a cash cow--milk the market until it goes
> dry?
> I hope not.
> The second Tri-Elmar certainly is not cheap, but it's three lenses in
> one. One can concoct a rationale to buy it. If you look at the Zeiss
> 15mm for 3,000, the Tri-Elmar doesn't look that out of line.
> We will have to see where Leica's pricing leads. In the time being, the
> jump in prices certainly doesn't hurt the value of our used glass.
> Top of the day to you all--Doug
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