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Subject: [Leica] Expired film advice
From: mingthein at (Thein Onn Ming)
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 09:54:17 +0800
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Thanks Henning. It's just slow slide, so I should be okay...

On Jun 3, 2009, at 1:21 AM, Henning Wulff wrote:

> At 3:23 PM +0800 6/2/09, Thein Onn Ming wrote:
>> Quick question for the film experts out there - I discovered a  
>> cache of slide film (velvia 50, 100, provia 100) in my freezer  
>> while looking for something for dinner the other day. Any ideas as  
>> to whether it's still useable, or is going to trigger horrible  
>> color shifts? Expiry date is mid-2007, and it's been stored  
>> refrigerated both in the store and since I bought it. Instinct  
>> tells me it's probably fine, but what do you think?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Ming
>> THEIN Onn Ming
>> *photohorologer ming at
> It'll be just fine. Frozen slow film lasts longest. Slow B&W film  
> is probably OK even 50 years out of date and kept at room  
> temperature. Might have lost a little speed. 50 year old colour  
> negative film is not good; in part because it was no good in the  
> first place.
> 'Pro' colour negative film that is out of date and has not been  
> frozen is doubtful and I wouldn't use it for anything important.  
> Reversal colour seems a little more forgiving. The main problem  
> with colour films is colour shift. The various layers lose speed at  
> different rates, so the colours go wonky. Higher speed colour films  
> are more problematic, and I wouldn't use 800 or higher colour films  
> past their expiration dates.
> B&W film is generally fine even if out of date for a number of  
> years even if it hasn't been in a fridge. Again, some speed loss  
> may occur. The really fast films like 3200 Kodak and Ilford and  
> 1600 Fuji are not that good past their expiration date even when  
> frozen as enough cosmic rays go through fridges, and these films  
> are sensitive enough to them to start fogging them. HIE also has  
> some of this, as it is actually extremely sensitive. Keep it  
> frozen, but quality will decrease to some degree.
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