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Subject: [Leica] Salgado now great image/camera ?
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 09:14:01 -0700

Philippe Amard offered:

>> I was at this HCB exhibition in Paris last Thursday.

>> Lots of prints, each a masterpiece.

>> Yet, some are on the verge of fuzzy, some are not that sharp, soft in 

>> some cases to modern standards at least, the sea isn't even always 

>> level, etc.

>> Technicalities doesn't seem to have been his concern at all, I'm 

>> cautious here as I don't know.<<<,,


Richard Man offered:

> It's well known that HCB has horrible "techniques." He would have  

> eaten up the M8. I bet he will be one of the few PRO that would use the

> mode extensively. It would allow him to just concentrate on the


But you see HCB was a shooter of the "KISS" principle! "SEE - SHOOT!" 

Never mind all the fiddling pre- shoot adjustments etc etc! No big deal if
it isn't the razor blade cutting sharpness some concern themselves with,
he'd shoot the moment and be ready for the next as it might even be better. 


He would have big cards in an M8, everything on auto & click away by the
thousands!  So big deal if one were a tiny soft or whatever in the eyes of
the technical crew, but 60 years later people would still be bowing in awe
of his incredible captured moments! :-)


Every new book that appears with HCB photographs, even though all have been
seen a million times before, people buy them by the thousands even when they
have similar books in their private collections. Trust me, I have 5
different copies of HCB books and nearly everyone has the same photographs.
I've always referred to him with affection and admiration as "The Worlds
Greatest Snap Shooter!"  But technique??? :-) Actually who cares! :-)


Dr. ted


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