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Subject: [Leica] CV 1.4/40mm and 1.2/35mm on M8 - what is your experience?
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 20:26:17 -0700

Tina offered:

Subject: Re: [Leica] CV 1.4/40mm and 1.2/35mm on M8 - what is your

>Be interested in seeing what you shoot in those darkened bars you hang out

>in! ;-) No filters, no fiddling, just clicked onto the body and blazed



You guys are making me jealous!  I loved mine, too, until all of the 

internal screws fell out.  Then I sent it back to be repaired and 

since I got it back, it seems like the focus is off.  I can't get a 

clear focus on infinity and close focusing seems a lot more finicky 

that it did before.  I've hesitated to send it back in because maybe 

it's my eyes acting up again. :-(  But I don't seem to be having any 

trouble with my 75/1.4!!  I hate equipment problems.<


Hi Tina,

I'm sorry to hear of your problems with the f 1.2 CV 35mm lens. I've grabbed
a solid hold on wood as I type this just in case. But mine, as far as I'm
concerned, has been a dream machine lens since it arrived! I've used it on
three different M8's and a few images offan M7 and each it has operated


The more surprising has been the extreme blow-ups during cropping from an M8
image that it has cut on the sensor. Maybe it's just the sensor, but they
have been wonderful.


I don't imagine your problem is your eyes, certainly if your 75mm is fine.
Maybe try to get the lens replaced? I realize that's easier said than
happens. :-( Unfortunately!




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