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Subject: [Leica] Slow CV S2
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 06:13:06 -0700
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On May 7, 2009, at 5:51 AM, leo wesson wrote:

> I'm kinda worried about the success of the S2.  It's a hard sell to  
> get
> someone to totally buy into a new system at that dollar level.
> I hope it works as advertised.  I can tell you that if it has little  
> hickies
> (like, opps funny colors unless you add this $200 dollar filter that  
> isn't
> available when the camera was released) it will be dead in the  
> water.  Pros
> don't mind spending  $ on equipment  (either purchased or rented)  
> but the
> equipment has to work as advertised and they have to trust it so  
> that their
> client has no surprises.
> It's a totally different shooter that they will be dealing with.

Leica has ventured into real deep water here, opting to develop a  
brand new camera system, leaving their established products,
both M  and R in limbo...

I think we all know this...a huge gamble...and not making their  
established core very happy...while they jump off into the great  

Sometimes it's best to complete one project, rather than starting  
multiple projects, no matter how good they sound.

If nothing else, it's a message to possible S2 system buyers, that  
they too could become similarly stranded.

In any case, for those that may first buy the S2 system, it will  
possibly say more about their financial circumstances, than their  
photographic ability or good sense.

I hope it works, though that remains to be seen. If not,  it may be  
the end of the Leica company.


> Leo Wesson
> Photographer/Videographer
> 817.733.9157
> On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 2:56 AM, Geoff Hopkinson  
> <hopsternew at>wrote:
>> Mark, I worry about the S2 success too, but I have no pro market  
>> knowledge
>> at all.
>> That is what Leica has committed to, you have to accept the reality  
>> unless
>> you have a few million spare Euro to contribute.
>> No new 24x36 digital M anytime soon. Wishing won't make it so ;-)
>> But you can get into the digital M market right now and just use  
>> all of the
>> 19 other current models if you want.
>> Or of course there must be some of the other few million produced  
>> still
>> floating around!
>> Obviously there's nothing comparable to the 3 new very fast designs  
>> from
>> the
>> other makers.
>> Never mind, we shall have to continue to agree to disagree on the
>> significance of the 1.33 crop factor for the M8.
>> (but ask the other LUG members that shoot their great glass on  
>> their M8's
>> if you want)
>> I'll try to bite my tongue next time ;-)
>> 2009/5/7 Mark Rabiner <mark at>
>>> Geoff I don't object to fast cutting edge lenses I love them but  
>>> shooting
>>> through just the middle of them does not justify the size, weight  
>>> and
>>> especially the cost. We've been through this before maybe we're  
>>> saying it
>>> better this time.
>>> I can't see how Leica is going to do well competing against  
>>> Fujiblad a
>>> camera which is mainly rented by pros by the day with a guy  
>>> running a big
>>> monitor and the software which goes with it.
>>> Not bought.
>>> Rented.
>>> Borrowed.
>>> That awesome amount of money behind the R&D on the S system could  
>>> surely
>>> have put us in business with the Leica glass we shot film with in  
>>> the
>> 90's.
>>> Leica might be making an S outa themselves my pappy would have
>>> said................................
>>> --
>>> Cheers
>>> Geoff
>>> 'Life's not B&W, except at both ends'
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