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Subject: [Leica] Another 75mm-Summilux-on-M8 example
From: jbm at (Jeff Moore)
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:40:10 -0400
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2009-03-24-23:49:49 Mark Rabiner:
> Is it the sharpest lens in the history of photography?
> I think so.

Except of course it isn't. Apples to apples (if maybe red apples to
green apples), with fast shutter speeds and low ISOs to show it off, the
amazing 75mm Apo-ASPH Summicron at f/2 beats it obviously in contrast,
fine detail, corner goodness -- whether the Summilux is at f/1.4, f/2,
f/2.8... or maybe elsewhere. And the Summicron is shorter and lighter:
all-around handier.  I cannnot tell a lie: I own the 75/2, and I use it
whenever I can, like when I expect for the light to be reasonably

But the Summicron doesn't go to 11.  I mean f/1.4.  So using it, I'd
have had to try to hand-hold twice as slow a shutter speed.  Might not
have worked.  There are also some touchy-feely differences in the way
the lenses render stuff.  But basically...  f/1.4 is darned handy when
there isn't enough light.  Because the next ISO up is really raggedy
looking, and the next shutter speed down (1/45) would've been pretty
wobbly for a 75.  Even 1/90 can be hit-or-miss.

> I'm looking at eye lashes;
> Individual ones, you can count them.
> And the split ends at the ends of them
> Indoors wide open hand held.

I'm glad you see my point, Mark.  I know you're a big fan of compact,
light, slow, super-duper-sharp lenses, which make sense for someone like
you who apparently goes outside a lot.  For much of the day, there's a
really bright light turned on out there; f/4 is practical.  So you often
make fun of the large, heavy Summiluxen they've been introducing.  But I
seem to find myself making about 80% of my pictures in rooms at night,
and an excellent fast lens makes me really happy.

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