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Subject: [Leica] Leica M3 plus Summilux and Summaron
From: gonzalel at (Leina Gonzalez)
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 17:04:10 +0100

Thanks guys! And for your advice George, Arche, and to all who told me 
to "take the deal." In any case, it is a great camera after all, I think 
I was wavering because I'd never used either of the lenses and that I 
could potentially be overpaying. I know think that isn't the case, 
you've all helped me with that. I did have my mind set on an M2 with a 
wide angle but this deal seems to be the best that I can find. And after 
having read lots, it seems to me that the lens is a M2 Summaron version, 
if I can call it that.  I was confused as to the idea that there was a 
goggle-less M3 version that "worked" on the M3.  I don't they exist 
given the need for an external viewfinder or a goggled version. The 
owner has indeed told me that it is a model that is without the goggles, 
that it was used on the camera but I don't think often enough 
considering the fact it is practically new.  I think I will have to see 
how I use the camera, before I think about swapping out lenses. I fins a 
discussion on the rangefinder forum in which folks use the Summaron 2.8 
3without a viewfinder and argue that the M3 viewfinder has a 40mm view, 
and that focusing isn't a problem.

The pre-ASPH, second version Summilux should be nice too but I think I 
read only at certain apertures. (Stopped down I think.) Any clues???

Sorry for the beginner questions, but I've been thinking about this for 
many (many) months after having used a Leicaflex SL with a Summicron 50 
and recently a IIIc/Elmar and basically I've become hopelessly hooked. 
With regard to the Summaron, I'm not sure if they designed it that way 
but it is interesting to hear from you all that have the lens and use it 
without the viewfinder. Thanks Charles and Marc for the external 
viewfinder suggestion, I checked and mercy are those expensive! Anywhere 
from 300-600 euros depending on condition, maybe I will stumble on one 
some day.

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