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Subject: [Leica] Some M8 Images
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Fri Feb 13 02:04:48 2009
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See Alt nine in Nathan's recent fishy senorita post!!

2009/2/13 Geoff Hopkinson <>

> Henning I meant that I wouldn't expect significant IR from those subjects
> behind glass. I agree those subjects would not be big IR candidates anyway.
> I assumed that the window glass would attenuate IR as well. Sounds like I
> should not have linked the two ideas. I'm no scientist there certainly. For
> fun I must have a play and educate myself on that now.
> Regarding the small blue highlights, I have seen secondary mirror images of
> point light sources in some of my shots. For example this shot with the 75
> Summicron and UV/IR. (4 second exposure). You should be able to make out a
> ghost image of the moon crescent as well as some stars repeated as blue
> dots. I assumed this was due to reflections back into the camera from the
> filter. I based that on an article in the Feb 2007 LFI demonstrating this
> with a night street shot of street lights and headlights. The article 
> states
> that the ghost images are caused by the presence of the filter.
> In Chris's shot you can certainly see a set of reflections on the window
> glass. I love to play with reflection shots like this myself which is 
> partly
> why I was staring into this enjoyable one by Chris. I believe that the two
> blue spots above the girl to the left, are a ghost of another set of
> reflections on the window glass! The blue colour is a clue to me. Note the
> yellow original sets above and to the left that are on the window glass I
> think. Never mind just some technical opinion from me that I thought might
> be of interest. As a practical matter those spots are easy to retouch of
> course.
> I put another up for discussion on this subect
> This is a 28 uncropped, through a window at close range. Of interest maybe
> is you can see my left arm and watch over the back of the guy to the left
> and I think our table edge on the lady's back to the right. Look at the hat
> of the background guy to the right and the blonde hair of the lady just
> below her left ear position. You probably need to look at the larger 
> version
> to see more clearly. Anyway I find these details fascinating to learn 
> about.
> I'd value any comment from you, or others.
>  Cheers
> Geoff
> 'Licence to Chill'
> 2009/2/13 Henning Wulff <>
> A nice set, Chris but to clarify what Geoff has written:
>> The window glass won't do anything for/against the IR. Your available
>> light just happens to be low IR content, which is usual in winter.
>> The reflection may or may not be due to the UV filter. It looks like the
>> picture is shot through glass, the most likely cause is the window glass 
>> as
>> that causes way more reflections than filters, an of a somewhat different
>> type.
>> Chris that is a thoughtful and well constructed group. The second ice shot
>>> is especially appealing.
>>> There's nothing in any of the content that might provide a reason for the
>>> UV/IR .
>>> If you'd like a technical comment on that aspect,look at the
>>> Selfridges shots. I suspect that the window glass has prevented any
>>> possible
>>> mis-rendering of the dark fabrics anyway. But your UV has given you the
>>> same
>>> minor artefacts that a UV/IR (or any filter) would have. See the small
>>> blue
>>> internal reflections (second shot) of the point light sources?
>>> 2009/2/13 Christopher Birchenhall <>
>>>  LUGers
>>>>  I took my recently acquired M8 out with a LTM 50mm Summicron f2
>>>>  collapsible on two occasions. This lens came as part of a very
>>>>  collectible IIIf R/D kit. I am not a collector so I decided to cash in
>>>>  the body and case (sigh). But the lens is for me one of my best. We
>>>>  get on very well.  We "clicked" :-) One or two of these pics may
>>>>  appeal but I can't but offer to share my delight at using the new
>>>>  electronic camera with a "peach" of a classic lens (with a standard UV
>>>>  filter and no 6-bit coding).
>>>>  I managed to get into the centre of Manchester (UK) with some good
>>>>  winter sunlight. Some of the subject matter (graffiti/street art?) may
>>>>  not appeal to all but I am ok with this stuff - a couple do involve
>>>>  the "fair" sex?
>>>>  We had a quick walk along my staple venue (Macclesfield Canal) when it
>>>>  was cold and the canal was partly frozen - a barge had clearly passed
>>>>  through and broken up the ice - we had a fine half pint of a winter
>>>>  warmer ale half way through!
>>>>  Needless to say C&C are welcome.
>>>>  Chris B
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>>> Cheers
>>> Geoff
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