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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Inauguration - long
From: jhnichols at (Jim Nichols)
Date: Wed Jan 21 07:28:25 2009
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Well said!  Both my wife and I agree with you.

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA
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Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: Inauguration - long

> Friends,
> I awakened this morning at 3:30 thinking about this startling day. Felt 
> less sleepy when I considered that it was already 0830 GMT. Here's what I 
> was thinking: I chose to become a lawyer because as a child, I heard 
> almost nightly at our dinner table my dad telling Mom, my brother and me 
> (Dad, brother and I became law partners) what he had done for and with his 
> clients that day. And I saw the pleasure and satisfaction that he got, 
> just plain helping people. That was my motivation to become a lawyer: to 
> be able to help people, whether it was in buying a home, writing a will, 
> starting a business.
> Mine was a politically aware family, among my dad's good friends were 
> United States Senators and Congressmen; his very small law firm in New 
> York City represented Fiorello LaGuardia, New York's Mayor, in his 
> personal matters. This as a background to my feelings yesterday.
> As during Obama's election night speech, during yesterday's ceremony and 
> his speech, I was several times not only in tears, I was sobbing, almost 
> hiccuping, with joy that I had lived to see and share this day, not just 
> with my compatriots but with people around the world. Did you see the live 
> video of schoolchildren in Kenya watching? It was almost too much joy to 
> bear.
> Last night I answered Ric with the comment that the nightmare is over. But 
> that is too brief and inadequate a description of what the Cheney-Bush 
> administration has brought to my country and to the world.
> This has been the most unprincipled, arrogant, imperial, destructive, 
> shameful, deceitful, lying, venal, corrupt, anti-constitutional and just 
> plain evil gang of thugs ever to have controlled the government of my 
> country. They have been motivated and guided by no principle, none 
> whatsoever, other than money and the perpetuation of power. I except the 
> ex-President from many of these adjectives. For I believe that the saddest 
> and most frightening thing is that G. W. Bush has been too simple to 
> understand how he has been used by the gang. He truly believes that his 
> decisions were in the best interests of the nation and its friends around 
> the world.
> The other truly frightening thing about their reign is that almost half of 
> our citizens voted for them - TWICE. I am heartened by the fact that a 
> good number of lawyers from around the United States whom I've met and 
> with whom I've become good friends through the American Bar Association, 
> its House of Delegates and Board of Governors, told me last fall that they 
> were Republicans from birth, that neither they, their wives, their 
> parents, grandparents and in several cases great grandparents who had gone 
> west in covered wagons, had ever voted "democrat" but that their 'Grand 
> Old Party' had gone very badly astray and that they were going to vote for 
> Obama.
> There, got it off my chest and to my LUG friends who are still reading, my 
> thanks for your patience.
> The nightmare is indeed over.
> Love and kisses,
> Seth
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