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Subject: [Leica] more audiophilia spectacularly OT but interesting to a few
From: Frank.Dernie at (Frank Dernie)
Date: Sat Jan 17 02:32:32 2009
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I know most of you will think this high price stuff is a joke, and at  
this price (and actually, looking at the design as a person who used  
to design high end turntables >30 years ago, this particular item is a  
victory for marketing). The most important engineering aspects for a  
turntable to work well are not addressed in this design, more a  
styling/marketing exercise (IMHO).
It is actually extremely high tech to produce a device to transduce  
records without adding some, or a lot, of non signal related  
vibrations ends up being added to the output by the machine. A record  
playing device which works well is likely to cost several orders on   
magnitude more than any CD player, and is probably not worth it........
The device I have measured and listened to which is the most accurate,  
the Goldmund Reference was very expensive (not as much as this thing  
though) and made in tiny quantities.

There is a very expensive turntable system which, based on my  
knowledge, probably is the most accurate one available. It cleverly  
addresses all the important requirements I know of. I have never seen  
or listened to one.

but not as pretty.

On 16 Jan, 2009, at 20:17, Henning Wulff wrote:

> At 12:26 PM -0700 1/16/09, Greg Lorenzo wrote:
>> George Lottermoser writes:> > 
>> <  
>> > iref=mpstoryview>> > nonsensically cryptic,> george
>> Quoted from the link:
>> "When I look at it," said Placido Pappalardo, co-owner of maker  
>> Angelis Labor, "the only word that comes to mind is love."
>> The first word that came to my mind was 'stupid'.
>> Greg Lorenzo
>> Calgary, Canada
> How about this one for $125,000?
> But the tonearms are included.
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