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Subject: [Leica] OT: Audiophile Question - CD-shelving
From: jbm at (Jeff Moore)
Date: Fri Jan 16 13:07:52 2009
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2009-01-15-09:54:39 Steve Barbour:
> can someone please recommend a strong hi capacity shelving system for  
> storing  CD's...   thousands...

First off -- I, too, am engaged in the project of ripping all my CDs
losslessly (to FLAC, the free codec which does the same thing as Apple
Lossless, so why did Apple have to introduce another unnecessary
format?) and storing them on a little 3T Infrant ReadyNAS, from which 
they're played about the house by the Slimdevices SqueezeCenter server
software and various Squeezeboxes (and a Transporter for the big fancy
main music system).  I'm mostly off iTunes as my main music-management
software because:

  1) it doesn't support FLAC (without a third-party add-on Quicktime
     codec, which introduces a maintenance hassle I don't need), and

  2) updates periodically bust it, and I'd rather not have my whole
     music setup dead in the water

Squeezecenter is cool, because it'll run on Linux, MacOS, and even
Windows.  I run it on a Ubuntu instance because pulling SqueezeCenter
updates from their Debian package repository is particularly easy.

But I still use iTunes to pull podcasts.

But back to the original question: I like Per Madsen's wooden media
furniture, and have used it for years.  Decades, even.  Started with the
simple oak record racks, then stacked on modular shelving chunks to fit
whatever needed to be stored that decade -- VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs...

Sure hope he's still in business...

Looks like!

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