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Subject: [Leica] query from new subscriber
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Thu Jan 8 19:45:12 2009
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I shoot 98% digital with M8 and R8/DMR.
I regularly use a Visoflex on my M8.
I still occasionally, when appropriate,
for any number of reasons, pack the M6 with film as backup.

When using color film, whether slide or color negative,
I have it processed at a wonderful little lab near my home
which also scans the film and puts the scans on CD's.
I generally edit these digital proofs on the computer these days.
When using black and white film I develop the film myself
and take it to the same lab to be scanned to CD's;
edit and if I see something I like from these inexpensive scans;
I scan it to higher resolution myself.

99.9% of my current printing is currently digital.
I hope to resurrect my printing darkroom this year.
It's been down for about 8 months now, since moving my office into my  

Over the past 40+ years I've owned and operated M2, M3, M6 and M6TTL.

A number of people on this list use Leica film cameras
considerably older than your M2; on a daily basis;
and produce work as wonderful as any current digital camera.

And a number on this list also print their own silver prints.

A number of custom labs around the country still make fine black and  
white silver prints.
The trend seems to be still moving toward digital printing.
A number of us feel this trend may slow down and resurgence of silver  
printing may occur.
; ^ )

If you're interested in working with your vintage gear;
learning about it's history and capabilities; seeing what others
do with similar gear; and meeting a lot of remarkably interesting  
please! join us.

If you're interested in selling the gear - friday and saturday are  
the days to do it.

In either case - welcome aboard and enjoy the cruise.

Fond regards,

On Jan 8, 2009, at 6:16 PM, Brian Reid wrote:

> A person that I shall not identify has just subscribed to the LUG,  
> and he is wondering if he has come to the right place. He says
>> Based on the first 100 emails from LUG, I wasn't sure I should lob  
>> basic
>> issues into an apparently high level conversation
> and then later on he says
>> I have an M2 (c.a. 1957), the VisoFlex, five lenses,  a pile of
>> adapter rings and filters, a Pradovit projector, old light meters,  
>> etc...
>> So, my questions:
>> How many photographers -- serious and otherwise -- still use M2 or  
>> similar cameras?
>> Who develops the film?
>> Is it about using film and then digitizing the images, or what?
> What do you have to say to him? He's listening.
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