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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Hoppies visit to USA Episode Six
From: hoppyman at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Fri Jan 2 15:01:00 2009
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Thank you for looking and taking the time to comment Doug, Steve and Tina.
As Doug pointed out, your visual world is restricted to a small arc within
the snow cloud. Worse is no morning or afternoon light and 90% of the colour
palate stolen by the flat overcast! Sob.
Still you have to man up and shoot the best you can. Also pay attention when
wearing worn rubber soles instead of suitable outdoor shoes on the ice!
Certainly not the best lighting to show off the grandness of the Grand
Canyon.  GC6 for me best shows the 'layering' of the rock features as you
look into the distance, and GC7 best demonstrates the scale of the canyon
when I realized those dots are people!

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

grand photos of the Grand Canyon in good weather are a dime a dozen, seeing
it in adverse conditions...snow, rain, storm conditions , that's worth the
the hardest part of shooting the GC is its very vastness, especially  
in poor light...
finding something tiny/small to focus on,  including the oof vastness  
behind, may do the trick...
I'd be interested to see that...especially with the snow,

No trouble focussing of course, I just meant that the wides gave me very
large DoF. I do try, especially with the 18 to include a foreground item of
Again due to very short time-frame a tripod was impractical. I like to use
an external finder too with landscapes. Since I need vision correction for
distance, I needed to not spend all of the time with my eye to a viewfinder
either. It's a trap to be so intent on the photography that you don't
remember to just LOOK. So camera down and glasses on.
Makes me want to hike it again!!  But in October, not in the snow.  ;-) I
can't imagine hiking some of those trails in ice and snow.  I like the one
with the people that gives you an idea of the vastness of the canyon.
I'm enjoying your USA photos and admire your ability to edit!!


Tina Manley 
Tina I only got to stand at the head of Bright Angel Trail and tell my
family that you had made your delightful trip to Phantom Ranch. Believe me I
was thinking of the weather you experienced last October.
My family has never seen the GC at all and so were still in awe, but it was
chilly awe! I offered the nice lady in the book shop $100 for a woolly hat.
I am pleased to hear from some masterful photographers that they are
enjoying some of my shots as I post. I wish that every one of you could have
stood with me at Tunnel View in Yosemite as the snow clouds swirled in! That
is for a later episode! Except for the photogs who don't worship at Ansel
Adam's altar ;-)

Pick up your camera and make the best photo you can.

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