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Subject: [Leica] Bunnies, rats, squirrels, - Oh NO!
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Tue Dec 30 15:12:24 2008
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Edward - I think you might find that lepidoptera are moths and 
butterflies :-)  

Or am I just rabbiting on and splitting hares, or perhaps I just have a 
bad hare day.

Like the girl who had a pet rabbit and kept telling her suitors she 
couldn't go out on a date because she was washing her hare that evening.

BTW: A budding lepidopterist was once overheard in a bookshop ordering 
the book "Advice for Young Mothers". ;-)   The book was out of print, so 
he decided to burrow one about rabbits and hares - but, when he got it 
home he had to leveret out of the box and, to his horror, it was volume 
3 and all about badgers. It turned out to be one of a sett.


Edward J Caliguri wrote:
> Well, From my Veterinary school days, I can surely say that Rabbits are 
> NOT rodents. They belong to the order lepidopterae (or Leporidae), while 
> rats and mice belong to the order Rodentia, as do chipmunks, prarie dogs 
> and other 'cutsie' rodents - (and 'flying squirrels'-cute little buggers 
> !) 
> Rabbits belong to Phylum Chortidae, F amily Leporidae - with O ld and N ew 
> W orld subtypes. After that - you need a Rabbit expert; of  which I know 
> there are many. 
> The brain chemistry of each species is vey unique; for example anesthetic 
> response for a rat vs. a rabbit is quite different. 
> My 2 cents! 
> Edward
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