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Subject: [Leica] story behind who
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Tue Dec 30 07:11:19 2008

Someone taking pictures in a public setting not wanting someone else to
take pictures in a public setting. I could call that first someone a lot
of things..... none of them flattering. 

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From: Sonny Carter [] 
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Subject: [Leica] story behind who

OK, here's the story.  I'm walking down Front Street Saturday Evening.

We have several thousand extra people in town, because it is the last
of fireworks before Christmas Fest ends.  I look ahead, and see a woman
still photographer, a girl in a gown, a guy with a video camera on a
hand-held boom, and another fellow who is a little too put-together for
weather and location also a guy about my age, schlepping the camera bag,
of them way oressed verdfor fireworks night.

Naturally, I raise my camera, and suddenly the whole gang shouted,
take any pictures!"

I said to myself, "Self, these people are on my main street." So I take
picture. I was only interested in the Tout Ensemble, anyhow.  I walked
and said, "This is a public place, you can't tell me not to take

This seems to enrage the crowd of five, none I've ever seen before in my
town.  I walked past, turned, and started to take another shot.  The
skinny-too-put-together guy, stepped out of the little crowd, raised his
forefinger and shouted at me.  "Stop taking Pictures! Right Now!"  He
it twice.

I almost raised my ted-finger, but did not, then I said "No!"

I walked away.  The guy schlepping the gear came over to me, and said,
bride was nervous."  I explained that I'm a local photographer, that I
for  Louisiana Life magazine, and have a Photography website.

He said "that's the problem, She doesn't want to end up in some magazine
on some website."

I said "She's on the street, and I can take pictures on the street, and
I do
not appreciate the skinny guy threatening me."

Of course, had the skinny guy been braver, one of two things might have
happened; I would have found out how an M8 works as a protective device,
the skinny guy would have been jailed for attacking an elderly
old goat with a camera.

And that's the story behind this blow-up


Natchitoches, Louisiana

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