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Subject: [Leica] LUG Print Exchange January!!
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Wed Dec 24 09:41:40 2008
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Photographs have certainly changed over the decades.
1. daguerreotype
2. prints of every variety: gum, pop, silver, platinum, etc.
3. kodachrome (and other transparencies)
4. polaroids of all varieties
5. magazines, newspapers and coffee table books
6. now - the digital image on various screens from small to huge -  
animated or not

I'm with Mark, as far as the ultimate means to experience a photograph;
the print,
made by the photographer (or at least under their extremely close  
with the knowledge that this holds the image as the photographer  
and held in the hands.

The object of my affection
I can hold it or hide it
bring it out when the mood
and the light
is right
show it

Next best: in a frame (though much is lost in the aesthetic pleasure).

Fond regards,

On Dec 24, 2008, at 11:21 AM, Mark Rabiner wrote:

> Coincidently Ansel Adams who was trained in classical music made an  
> example
> of Beethoven's 9th saying that a print is a performance of music a
> photographer makes just like a conductor conducts a performance  
> from a score
> of music. Each time you conduct it its a different piece or print.  
> The score
> would be the neg.
> That's how I certainly think of it over the decades as I've known  
> about this
> that long.
> And some day I hope to conduct some music from a score.
> Actually maybe I've done that already on a smaller scale.
> Mark William Rabiner
>> From: Steve Barbour <>
>> Reply-To: Leica Users Group <>
>> Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 08:02:26 -0700
>> To: Leica Users Group <>
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] LUG Print Exchange January!!
>> On Dec 23, 2008, at 6:25 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>> I do think making a print and having a book made might have some  
>>> vague
>>> overlap but are two completely different topics.
>>> When I like most people over the decades practicing photography want
>>> to see
>>> my latest picture I make a print of it.
>>> People now can make make a digital file and never have to make a
>>> print.
>>> They upload it to a gallery or to a service which makes a print or a
>>> book.
>>> Or any number of other things.
>>> To me in a strong way it's a jpeg by any other name.
>>> Getting a nicely designed packet with a stack of prints in it all
>>> made in
>>> different methods on different paper by different Rollei people, and
>>> guess
>>> what with Rollei cameras coincidently enough, was a nice experience.
>>> It did not feel like getting a book in the mail.
>>> Not even vaguely.
>>> I don't think these two things overlap or otherwise threaten each
>>> other.
>>> Books are nice but my "book" over the past 15 years has not been a
>>> book.
>>> But a stack of fiber not RC prints in a box.
>>> Before that I had a "book" of my best work.
>>> People would flip through it.
>>> I'd make sure the prints were in the right order and the pages were
>>> fresh.
>>> No one tried to order one.
>> thanks Mark... I have great  appreciation and understanding for the
>> print as a means of expression...
>> and I love them, used to work in a darkroom...
>> I know you are very dedicated to that timeless part of photography,
>> but I always put the photograph first, regardless of how it is
>> presented.
>> Much rather see hundreds of LUG's best images in a book, as I will
>> never see them in a print, as I want to see them.
>> I think a bit too much is made of the print, putting the method above
>> the message...
>> I would rather hear a performance of Beethoven's Ninth, whether or  
>> not
>> I see the original score.
>> However I think we might consider how to makes prints available, of
>> selected images,  from the book...
>> yours, mine, and others...
>> Steve
>>> Mark William Rabiner
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