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Subject: [Leica] Focusing screens--- Cat's Eye??
From: glehrer at (Jerry Lehrer)
Date: Wed Dec 17 13:13:26 2008
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Wasn't there an outfit called CAT'S EYE that made screens for DSLRs only?

Why am I the only one mentioning this?  Or have they gone belly-up?


Henning Wulff wrote:
>> Dear Nikon, Canon, et al,
>> Can we have our focusing screens back?
>> The only digital camera out on the market now with a range of focusing
>> screens that aid using manual focus is the Canon 1DS series. Frankly,
>> I'd rather stick with a 5D if I were to go with an SLR, but there are
>> no focusing screens with focus aids available for anything less than
>> the flagship camera. Nikon looks like they have two focusing screens
>> available for their D700 but neither have actual focusing aids; just a
>> bunch of little brackets getting in the way of composing the image.
>> So as far as manual focus goes on digital cameras, the Leica M8 is on
>> top.
>> I just wish these manufacturers offered the system compatibility that
>> they once did. Instead of companies which make outstanding cameras,
>> Nikon and Canon have become camera companies that make an outstanding
>> amount of money through tactics of vendor lock-in. It's really
>> disappointing.
>> Phil Forrest
> I got a couple of Brightscreen screens for manual focussing with the 
> 5D. They work well.

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