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Subject: [Leica] Re: Photoshop?
From: photo.forrest at (Philip Forrest)
Date: Sun Dec 14 08:32:23 2008
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"GIMP is also available for Windows, as long as you're not scared of
words like "not officially supported." At least it's free."

The GIMP implementation for Windoze is GIMPshop. It still lacks a good
amount of polishing but it gets the job done. The best thing would be
to switch to Linux altogether and use the full GIMP 2.4.5. It's got
every tool that post CS versions of Photoshop have except the bridge.
That's handled by another program. If one needs to see a Windoze GUI on
a Linux machine, there are several hundred environment configurations
out there which will make the better-performing Linux machine look like
Windoze but still not act like Windoze. No viruses, no registry to
corrupt, no cost. Use as much RAM as you can hook up to your machine,
Linux 64 will take it. 32bit will be able to read a full 4GB.

GIMP won't be "officially supported" because there's no money in it for
anyone. It's all about a dollar. But does it matter who sanctions the
tool one uses to manipulate a photograph? No. If it did matter, then it
would matter what camera took the photograph. If that mattered then
names like Capa, Bresson, Weston, Adams, Evans, Lange, et. all worked
to take photos that anyone could and their work is no better because
the camera made the shot, not the photographer.

Phil Forrest

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