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Subject: [Leica] leica M2-R stolen
From: jean.louchet at (Jean Louchet)
Date: Mon Dec 8 13:48:39 2008

Hi Terry

> I'd suspect creative use of a Dremel tool myself. Turning a 9 into an 8 
> and a 0 into a 9 is > not hard.
>> Stolen:     1249081
>> Seller's:    1248981
>> Weird, huh? Meanwhile, the search continues!

On my part I would go even a step further. Let's reason the other way
and assume the robber got M2 no. 1249081 and is willing to camouflage
the serial number to resell the camera. Which numbers could  they
transform, remembering it is easy to engrave more lines but it is
impossible to suppress an existing engraved line?
 1 hopeless
 2 into a 9 or a 8 would be very ugly and noticeable
 4 impossible
 8 impossible
the only possibilities left are changing 9 into 8 and changing 0 into 8.
   Conclusion: any clever robber would have changed
            the number from 1249081 into 1248981.
This is NOT a proof but there is VERY HEAVY suspicion... in your
situation I would get in touch with the police. The seller (a
professional apparently) is probably sincere but who knows, and if
they sell it, it will be too late for you.

Wish you recover your property. Robbery and envy are among the world's
worst pleagues and each occasion to recover one's property is good for


p.s. have any lenses been robbed at the same time in your father's
car? If so did you try and trace them, maybe at the same seller place?

Dr Jean Louchet
APIS - INRIA Saclay research centre
4 rue Jacques Monod 91893 ORSAY Cedex France

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