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Subject: [Leica] Ten FAQs about the LUG Yearbook
From: jshul at (Jim Shulman)
Date: Sun Nov 30 09:30:59 2008

1.       Do I have to be a professional photographer to submit images?

   NO!!!  Anyone can submit images, from rank amateurs to seasoned pros.


2.       What if my images aren't good enough?  Will they be rejected?

NO!!!  There's no such thing as "not good enough" for the LUG Yearbook.  All
images are accepted as long as they meet the very basic standards of size
(one meg+ .jpg images.)  This is not a judged collection-it's a voluntary
anthology of the LUG's photographic efforts during the year.


3.       What if I don't have a Leica?

Don't worry-the images you submit are more than welcome, so long as you're a
supporter and enthusiast of the LUG.  Your editor joined the LUG before he
owned a Leica, and now shoots regularly with a large collection of Leica and
non-Leica equipment.  The important point is to just start.


4.       Can I use images that were featured on the LUG (or elsewhere?)

YES!!  So long as the images were captured during 2008, they're fair game
for the book.


5.       If I submit images, do I have to buy a copy of the book?

Absolutely not!  Since this book is printed on demand, we have no minimum
order requirements for the book.  Moreover, the book will not go out of
print (so long as exists in more or less its present
configuration.)  If you want to see previous yearbooks-or buy copies-you can
now.  Go to and search for "Leica" "LUG" "Leica Users Group" to
see existing yearbooks.


6.       Can my spouse/child/pet also submit images?

Why not?  So long as the images are in the correct formation, and contain
their name, the image(s) title(s), and the camera/lens/film (if applicable)
used, that's fine.


7.       I submitted images last year.  Will you automatically remind me to
send more this year?

Unfortunately, I'm not that organized.  I sincerely hope you check the
e-mail (and digest) regularly for updates.


8.       Do you need help with the yearbook?

Thanks, but I'm OK. templates help simplify matters considerably.
Other than contributed essays from a few individuals, including this year
Ted Grant, it's fairly easy going.


9.       When will the yearbook be produced?

I close the yearbook at midnight on December 31st, and make it available for
purchase as soon as possible.  Last year "as soon as possible" was about 3AM
on January 1st.  


10.   How much does the yearbook cost?

That depends on whether you purchase a hardcover of paperback version.  See
previous LUG yearbooks, and you'll get an idea. had a
slight price increase this year.

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