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Subject: [Leica] Question to the DMR users, a intermittent problem...
From: stasys1 at (
Date: Wed Nov 19 21:42:21 2008

---- Charlie Chan <> wrote: 
> Gene,
> I have this intermittently on both my R8 and R9 (both with DMR). I fix  
> this by removing the powerpack, unlocking the back and then  
> reassembling it all. I'm sure it's a contact problem and have to do  
> this every few months.
> Charlie
> On 19 Nov 2008, at 17:18, wrote:
> >
> > Well I have now been playing with my DMR for a day or so, and I have  
> > run into a perplexing problem.  After shooting a while the unit will  
> > not cock the shutter. I can remove the power unit and cock the R8  
> > manually and it then works for a while.  Then I have to cock it  
> > manually to get it working again.  I can manually cock the shutter  
> > and it works every time.  The battery display shows full charge, and  
> > trying to charge the batteries, they charge only for a short time,  
> > which is what I expect if they are indeed charged.  A couple of  
> > times it sounded like a sluggish wind, so I tried to charge them,  
> > but as I said they appear to be fully charged.  The digital section  
> > seems to work just fine every time, so no complaints there, and the  
> > images are very nice.  At this point I am thinking a connection  
> > problem, but very strange.  Have any of you run into this problem or  
> > heard of any one that has had it?
> >
> > Thanks for any help.
> > Gene
> >
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> Gene- I had a similar problem when my DMR was new a couple years ago. I 
> sent toi Lieca NJ under warranty- and they fixed it. It was some alignment 
> problem to the R9. It still acts up some times ( electrical issues) but 
> they go away after a while. Good luck. Stasys
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