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Subject: [Leica] digital analog comparison
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Mon Nov 3 21:35:43 2008
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I would go so far as to suggest
that comparing good digital photographic files and prints
with good traditional film negatives, transparencies and prints
no longer makes any reasonable sense.

The traditional film image approach
reaches its logical, highest state-of-the-art through optical means;
whether through a loupe, projection or printing to light sensitive  
The process has its own integrity and its own gorgeous aesthetic.
Scanning film seems cumbersome and
does not deliver the beauty or depth of a traditional print
from the same negative; In my opinion.

The digital image approach
reaches its logical, highest state-of the-art through digital means;
whether on fine monitors, high-end projectors, or various digital  
The process has its own integrity and its own gorgeous aesthetic.

Both approaches have reached a comparatively and equally high level  
of development.
 From the point of view of resolution relative to image capture area  
they've met one another.
In some ways (difficult color balance situations, dynamic range, etc)  
some digital methods have surpassed film technically. But that does  
no diminish the quality or aesthetics of well exposed, and properly  
filtered film.

At this point the two mediums, they've become separate but equal.
Both offer extremely high quality potential - yet, possess different  
Much like the differences between movies made with the various film  
and those shot digitally and converted.

No better than
or best.

The meaningful questions seem to me
What kind of look do you want?
What kind of work flow do you need?
How will the images be used?
Better or best for what application?

Yes. A 3 projector 6x6 cm slide show will impress anyone in the room.
I have never seen a digital show that can compare to that aesthetic  
However, I may live to see one.

Fond regards,

On Nov 3, 2008, at 8:30 PM, Jan Decher wrote:

> I think comparing DMR/M8 pictures to scanned K25 film is not a fair  
> comparison.

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