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Subject: [Leica] R10 news
From: grduprey at (
Date: Fri Oct 31 04:37:48 2008

But I just bought a DMR, assuming the R10 was quite a ways off.  Oh well, 
maybe I will be able to save my pennies and get one a year or so after they 
come out.  ;-)

p.s.:  I will see if I can swing a trip to S.F. in December, but not sure 
since we are just coming back to the US tomorrow.

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> Folks, off this list, Doug Herr pointed me to an interview with Maike 
> Harbets on the S2 system. She was asked about the R10 too. 
> ". .... The wish of our customers is that the R10 will have a full frame 
> sensor and we will try to fulfil this wish..... it will have auto focus... 
> it will be backwards compatible with all of the R lenses, most likely." 
> So are all of you R guys excited or interested?? 
> Cheers 
> Geoff 
> Maike Harbets speaks on the S2. .... So we will drop down this technology 
> to 
> our other systems. 
> Our priority is to modernise the R system which will be in the end an R10, 
> definitely. 
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