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Subject: [Leica] ir filter
From: hoppyman at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Sat Oct 11 15:07:59 2008
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Leo, you need to stop working in sand storms! Something has gone awry if
those filters have got all scratched up. Someone will tell you though that
the front lens elements would not have suffered any damage if the filters
were not mounted. (not me!). My four Leica UV/IR's are all perfect. None
have been anywhere environmentally nasty. By the way how is your sensor?
I agree that the filters are pretty much essential in any light anytime you
shoot people. There are some hints that the S2 sensor has used a different
approach and if so, that technology may trickle down later.
On the high ISO, I regard the M8 as a bit better in low light than film. My
personal limit on film was 400 ISO. I'd very seldom used faster. 640 on the
M8 seems pretty acceptable for me. However the advent of much better low
light noise performance from Nikon, for example, does make users wish for
better from the M8. ISO 1250 is only a get out of jail with  post processing
option for me. Personally I don't want to give up lens performance along the
way to approach that Nikon output though.

Aber Masse kann Klasse nicht ersetzen....Aber die R10 kommt.

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i've got a nice little collection of about 4 leica filters that are
scratched pretty good, let's see, that's about 450$ worth. the biggest
problem they cause is flare.  it's why i really don't like using them
because my nice non flaring leica lenses flare with these silly filters
especially if they get dust or scratches on them.  but i'm forced to use
them because i i also don't like purple blacks, which by the way, i have
been getting in full daylight now, not just inside under artificial light.
this is my biggest  complaint about my m8 and it's a big one.  this problem
doesn't seem to bother anyone else as much as it bothers me but it's why i
won't be buying another m8 until they address the ir issue. second reason is
high iso noise, i really would like my m8 to have the same noise as my d3.
i'm not holding my breath.


On Oct 11, 2008, at 11:33 AM, wrote:

> Interesting, my Leica filters are just fine after little over a year 
> and a half, and they seem plenty strong enough to me.  I have a 49 mm 
> Leica filter clamped in the hood of my 35 Summilux and it takes a bit 
> of a beating quite often, and the other is mounted on my 50 Summicron 
> and no scratches on either.
> Gene
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> From: lug <>
>> i find the leica filters to be way to fragile and easy to scratch.
>> any comments on the durability of the bw or heliopans?
>> leo
>> On Oct 8, 2008, at 3:37 PM, wrote:
>>> I also use the Heliopan UV/IR filters, along with the Leica filters.  
>>> You will find there is not really any savings with the alternatives 
>>> over the LEica filters.
>>> Gene
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>>> From: "leo wesson" <>
>>>> I need to replace my ir filters for my m8, what's a good non leica 
>>>> filter to try?
>>>> Thanks!
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