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Subject: [Leica] a serious question
From: ricc at (Ric Carter)
Date: Sun Sep 28 16:26:47 2008
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this wonderful story belongs on StoryCorps

On Sep 27, 2008, at 9:18 AM, Daniel Ridings wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Frank Dernie
> <> wrote:
>> the vast majority of
>> people who can afford these cars would be scared rigid long before  
>> they had
>> reached anything like their chassis limit whereas even my Mum can  
>> do the
>> "full throttle down the straight for a while" routine. From a  
>> purist point
>> of view I am unable to admire these things.
>> Frank
> :-) My grandmother was no purist. She was a tough old lady who, as a
> Catholic, divorced a gambler in the 40'ies, leaving her to raise a
> Catholic (many kids) family and take care of her aging father all on
> her own.
> Taking care of her aging father led her to owning and running two
> nursing homes (about 40 or 50 patients in each) and administering a
> staff to boot. She worked around the clock. Took in mental patients
> from Alton State Hospital that she took a liking to and gave them jobs
> cooking or cleaning. Let them house up in a crook and crany of the old
> brick building from which Abraham Lincoln once held a speech. Worked
> around the clock, I said that, be she did double time around the
> clock.
> I moved in with her (yes, she took care of all the grand-children when
> needed too, she died leaving 104 children, grandchildren, great
> grandchildren and greatgreat grandchildren) when the family moved back
> to the US from Japan and I didn't want to do a 6 month stint in
> Oklahoma before my father was debriefed and declared clean.
> She told me, in her sly way, meaning I shouldn't pass the info on to
> my mother or uncles, what she did at 2 am when she finished a work
> day.
> She'd go out into her huge, heavy Lincoln Continental (with suicide
> doors) and head out west of Greenville on 159. There's a stretch out
> there in the woods and cornfields that runs straight as an arrow for
> about 10 miles.
> She'd floor it. She'd keep it floored for 10 miles.
> Then she would turn around and drive back at leisurely pace, with all
> of the day's stress out of her system, and go to bed (only to rise
> again at 6 am).
> They day she realized that she'd have to give up her Lincoln was the
> day she got old. She made the decision herself, but she always missed
> that flat-out speed experience.
> She died in her high ninties, just a couple of years after her
> maternal aunt. The ladies in our family are toughies.
> But she wasn't a purist :-)
> Daniel
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