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Subject: [Leica] Fakes and Drugs
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Thu Aug 14 12:52:07 2008
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On Aug 14, 2008, at 12:19 PM, Didier Ludwig wrote:

> A quite emotional post, Adam.
> No one has evidences against Phelps, otherwise he would have been  
> chased through Bejing like a rabid dog, for shure ;-)
> After all the doping scandals of the past years, it's quite  
> understandable that such top performances like Phelp's leave a smell  
> of doubts. This perception has nothing to with "cynical unwashed  
> masses", but more with common sense. Based, for instance, on news  
> stories about US top swimmer Jessica Hardy, who had to withdrew from  
> the games, just a few days before the beginning, after failing a  
> drug test; or about US top swimmer athlete Gary Hall, who  believes  
> that the flood of new world records is not only dued to honest  
> methods. He is more insider than you, but the answers given by other  
> athletes and functionaries were the same like yours: "Bring evidence  
> or shut up".
> Your attitude is quite typical for sport association functionaries.  
> They also said the same things about Carl Lewis, Marion Jones,  
> Justin Gatlin, Ben Johnson and many others, before these were  
> caught. Believing in the honesty of the olympic sports spirit is  
> either starry-eyed or against one's better knowledge, these days.
> Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the races of "your" athletes :-)
> Cheers,
> Didier
>> Horse crap, Steve.
>> The issues about testing are most severe with regard to false
>> positives -- kicking out athletes who never used drugs.
>> SOMEONE has to speak in favor of the athletes and I'm making it me.
>> They train damn hard and I'm not letting the cynical unwashed masses
>> corrupt their effort.
>> If you have good evidence that Phelps or any other swimmer is using
>> performance enhancing drugs then step forward and demonstrate it.
>> My essay and response was the broad painting of all athetes and all
>> programs as dopers when sport is doing a great deal both during the
>> Olympics and especially outside it, to make sure the playing field is
>> level.
>> Or, I suppose, we can just say inject your heart out and chance take
>> the consequences. That'll be the day I never follow another sporting
>> event again.
>> Yours in disgust,

The best way to show your concern for the athletes is to get rid of  
the cheaters.

so what is the disgust for Adam ?  Is it the fact that we prefer  
meaningful testing to good sounding talk?


>> Adam
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