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Subject: [Leica] Fakes
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Wed Aug 13 12:16:59 2008
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On Aug 13, 2008, at 11:15 AM, Ted Grant wrote:

> All this over concern about fakery is quite amazing because it's in  
> China
> and they're supposed to be the "bad guys!" Well OK in the eyes of some
> others!
> Heck cheating, political crap and all the other dirty dealings have  
> been
> going on almost since the Olympics began.
> The only reason it's so obvious is. the Chinese haven't been smart  
> enough to
> hide it as well as other nations and athletes of those nations for  
> years.
> How about the good old USSR in the days of swimming when they  
> injected air
> into the rectum of their swimmers bloating them up to give more  
> buoyancy?

damn ted,  how could you?

I thought it was from the borscht...

> Supposedly making them swim faster?
> A lot of this stuff is known and big messy stories made out of it  
> because
> the media are always looking for sensationalism and not the plain old
> fashion excitement of the sport!
> Part of this is media money driven only because the world has become  
> one big
> back yard of communications and making money!  Yep they've all got the
> right.
> But if they'd concentrate on the sports and forget the political BS  
> flag
> waving crap one nation and leadership over another along with the  
> morons
> attempting to demonstrate, that has absolutely nothing to do with  
> who set
> the world record, it would be worth reading and watching!
> Quite frankly I haven't seen many comments "about the photography"  
> being
> published? How do you guys and gals rate it? Good, bad or ugly? Have  
> there
> been any that sucked the air out of your guts with the biggest WOW  
> you've
> ever seen?
> Because having been to many international games since 1968, not just  
> the
> Olympics, I've always been driven to shoot the best damn sports  
> pictures
> possible rather than concerned who used computer fireworks, lip sync  
> or
> other fuzzy wuzzy tricks.
> Like get over this stuff because that's the way the world is and all  
> the
> whining, bitching etc here isn't going to change it! Yep you've a  
> right to
> your opinions so flail on!
> However, "We are photographers aren't we?" Well then lets talk about  
> the
> photography and to hell with the rest of the stuff!
> ted
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