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Subject: [Leica] Williamsburg and Washington DC
From: lists at (Harrison McClary)
Date: Sat Aug 9 17:59:40 2008
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Thanks for the kind words Geoff,

I shot with the wide as there is not often the room to use a 35 or 24 
and get the effect I was wanting in the photos. 

Williamsburg is actually famous for being a pretty big part of our 
nations founding.  Many of the founding fathers were from there and 
argued in the House of Burgess, disagreeing with the continually rising 
taxes from the English Crown (funny in 200 plus years we still get too 
much taxes from a government who does not listen to its governed) and 
the Bill of Rights in our constitution was heavily derived from a 
"Virgina" Bill of Rights written there.  It is a neat historic city and 
you are correct in that it is a "living history" type of place. 

I really did not think about making them B&W or warm tone B&W for 
effect...I may try that on some of them, thanks for the idea.

Geoff Hopkinson wrote:
> Harrison those are two interesting galleries and I enjoyed both. Your stuff
> is always polished and professional. The Washington series has a lot of
> recognisable icons naturally. Strange to have movies as my frame of
> reference! I'm not a big fan of the ultra wide effects, that's personal
> taste of course (and I've done it too on historic buildings). Williamsburg,
> I know was prominent from the Civil war period. This is now operated as a
> reproduction village to visit, I think? I guess it's an obvious thought but
> did you try reproducing any of this stuff to look more old fashioned? 8 and
> 33 have good strong patterns. I like those a lot.
> Cheers
> Geoff
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> Subject: [Leica] Williamsburg and Washington DC
> Last week we took a little trip up to Williamsburg then on to Washington 
> DC.  It was a very fun trip and I made tons of photos.
> Williamsburg is here:
> Washington is here:
> Comments welcome.

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