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Subject: [Leica] Experience with Apple?
From: bill at (Bill)
Date: Tue Aug 5 16:29:30 2008
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I have to add my 2 cents and echo what everyone is saying.  I have been
using PC boxes from the time of CP/M up until a year ago when, being so
frustrated with VISTA, I got one of those sexy new 24" iMacs.  I still 'had'
to use my Sony/Vista machine for work since the software programs that I
have to use are Windows based only.  Also I have been using Outlook for all
of my calendaring, email and note taking and I couldn't find a comparable
Mac program that would import five years of data.  I discovered that by
using Parallels I could have both XP and OS10.5 running simultaneously and
seamlessly.  Two weeks ago I got my MacBook Pro and I thought it would take
a couple of months to transition, being conditioned by Windows, but I was
totally up and running within two days.  I have taken the kool-aid and loved
every drop. 

Bill in Denver.

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All the really smart, nice, and funny people use Apple.
Mark William Rabiner

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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Experience with Apple?
> I've been on Macs since 1985.
> Never a problem.
> Always been known as the best platform for:
> Graphics
> Photography
> Video
> Music
> Among the artists I respect.
> Virtually no hands on experience with Windows.
> The few times I've needed to work on a client's machine I've found it 
> quite strange and counter intuitive.
> Moreover, many, many friends have complained to me about their various 
> Windows issues.
> I've always asked, "why do you put up with it?"
> and received the answer, "it's the business platform."
> (which I guess I can understand - to a point - yet, I open all of 
> their Word, Excel and Office docs without problems)
> I've never known a person who's switched from Windows to Mac to return 
> to Windows.
> I know quite a number of people who work on Windows in their office 
> environment, who now run their Mac laptops with Windows running right 
> along side the Mac OS.
> Fond regards,
> George
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>> I'll appreciatre your opinions and advice.
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